Saturday, July 26, 2003

Dustin Dollin II

After the first shoe, Vans had some ideas about how Dustin's second shoe should look. The trashy mega dinosaur skull shoes were starting to die out (thankfully), but we couldn't go too far towards the full-on old school approach that seems firmly cemented in the skate shoe industry at the moment. If I remember correctly, the first input we got was to do an air pocket at the front of the shoe like Globe were doing at the time (late 2002, early 2003). Any suggestion of that was quickly extinguished, but it still retained a bubble at the back.

I'd do Illustrator drawings like the ones below, and their design team would work with us back-and-forth until Dustin was happy, then we'd all wrestle with the factory in China to get things correct - again and again... Even if the themes may have been a bit confused in the design, this shoe was a step closer to where the shoes should have been going in my opinion. I'm glad that the trend is where it's at now - classic.

Illustrations for Chinese Dinosaurs exhibition, 2003

Here we have a front-of-house banner that included a blank spot for daily A3 poster outlining the day's events, T-shirt art, and a illustration that appeared on an MDF feature outside an room for school children.
Science in the City Illustrations, 2003

I think I did these when the new Adobe CS programs were released. There were some new features in Illustrator, so I did some research and started to go nuts with it for the Science in the City campaign, especially the parts of the program that were aimed at younger kids.