Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I'd been spending a lot of time watching the making-ofs from the Pirates of the Caribbean series of DVDs. I always pay attention to special effects in films, and was really blown away by the effort taken to make things look just right.

I yet again wasted a huge amount of time on this spread. I bought a model ship, built it and ruined it, painted the sunset background on masonite, and made a great big Cracken to attack the ship from under water. Then we had to shoot the products, and I spent too much time getting the right amount of diffusion through an imagined body of water, spewing out of the ship.

I'm still happy with the work on this, I learnt so much about Photoshop as well as sculpture and model making.

Oh, and unlike my other 3D work, the ship and the Craken have been binned, though the sunset painting lives to fight another day.

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