Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here's the portrait I did of Bjorn for his interview in issue #15. It was made from 3mm construction card, glued together and painted. There are some pretty trick features under the skin to keep it standing, which it does manage to do on 2 feet with no assistance.

Bjorn has Norwegian blood, and everyone jokes about him having Viking heritage. I looked at abunch of Norse art and watched some documentaries on Vikings before I started this. When confronted with a landmass the Vikings would tow their boat overland - the boat was sacred to them so it went where they went. They would make a path with a series of logs, grease them with fish guts and haul the thing over what ever was in the way.

I had this idea of making a sculpture out of sharp lines, the painting it in textures that wrap around it to make the lines less harsh. A lot of the paint on it comes from various Aboriginal art I'd been looking at.

The Viking ship board is an old board, cut down with a ship made around it and finished in gold leaf - I've been doing a lot of gold leaf lately.

The portrait stands about 3 feet tall. Included below are a bunch of making-of shots too, some showing the mast between Bjorn's feet that I ended up cutting off.

Lastly, I might review this job and extend the trucks down with risers to accommodate large spoked wheels.

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