Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Evil baby for Chris Nieratko's article "Momma don't let your Skaters grow up to Murderers". Made from junk toys, modelling clay and painted. The eyes sucked in the big doll, so I scanned and added the eyes from some I had in my bits and pieces box. The board is all scratch built too, no tech deck here.


I got the cover this issue! This is big, stands about 16" tall, the hairs alone took 7 hours. Everything was made from scratch, I welded the coping from 1.6mm steel plate, the microphone is adapted from a mini torch. The shoes are made from a pair of jeans inside out - I had the soles perfect but was running out of time so put them in the oven to dry and forgot about them, and they came out all beat up looking, saving me the time of ageing them! The jeans are cut down and restitched from an old pair of cut off shorts I had. I found the socks at a $2 shop and cut them down, so I got to cheat there too. 

Early sketch, one is all it took this time...

Finished cover