Monday, December 1, 2014

The Skateboarder's Journal #32 cover

Gabriel Summers dropping into a pile of shit.

Passport article for The Skateboarder's Journal #32

I had some down-time this issue, so decided to paint the whole Passport tour article.

Once it was done, I scanned it in and re-added parts of the original photos to add some clarity etc.

Opener for Gabriel Summers interview in The Skateboarder's Journal #32

I don't usually post my purely digital work here, but I do enjoy a bid of space-themed work.

The Skateboarder's Journal #31 cover

Nick Boserio with a little 80s tinting and 90s typography.

Arseholes illustration for The Skateboarder's Journal #31

Nuff said.

Two Up opener for The Skateboarder's Journal issue #31 

I revisited the duotone technique that I used in the 90s for a bunch of 2 colour kids magazines.

You paint the 2 different colours on 2 separate pieces of paper and combine them in Photoshop - back then we'd just shoot them and reduce them onto bromides and went direct to plate. Much easier now…

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Skateboarder's Journal #30 cover

While we treat each and every cover as a major event, every ten issues we like to put in the extra effort and do something special. Issue #10 had the special Goldfinger inspired metallic gold paper with Bryce Golder’s frontside blunt. 

For issue #20, I went to work on a hideous, scabby talking knee. 

For this issue, I laboured night and day creating a faithfull miniature reproduction of the Shakespeare Hotel in Surry Hills, Sydney, where we spawned the idea for starting The Skateboarder’s Journal all those years ago. 

To celebrate the milestone of 30 issues, we have included each and every skateboarder to have graced our covers, and the all-important photographers who slaved away behind the scenes to bring us those fantastic images. 

Many thanks to all involved, all over the world, who made this cover possible. Cheers!  

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The making of The Skateboarder's Journal #30 cover

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cliche pinup series

My first series for the legendary French company. Stoked to have made some work for them.