Monday, December 1, 2014

The Skateboarder's Journal #32 cover

Gabriel Summers dropping into a pile of shit.

Passport article for The Skateboarder's Journal #32

I had some down-time this issue, so decided to paint the whole Passport tour article.

Once it was done, I scanned it in and re-added parts of the original photos to add some clarity etc.

Opener for Gabriel Summers interview in The Skateboarder's Journal #32

I don't usually post my purely digital work here, but I do enjoy a bid of space-themed work.

The Skateboarder's Journal #31 cover

Nick Boserio with a little 80s tinting and 90s typography.

Arseholes illustration for The Skateboarder's Journal #31

Nuff said.

Two Up opener for The Skateboarder's Journal issue #31 

I revisited the duotone technique that I used in the 90s for a bunch of 2 colour kids magazines.

You paint the 2 different colours on 2 separate pieces of paper and combine them in Photoshop - back then we'd just shoot them and reduce them onto bromides and went direct to plate. Much easier now…